When it comes to choosing a color for your pod, we have three colors from which you can choose. Our colors are Cool Gray, Ocean Blue, and Grand Slam Green each color has its own distinct characteristic making them welcoming, calming and pairs with just about anything.

Grand Slam Green gets its name from the 4 tennis grand slams around the world. Grand Slam Green is just a few pantone lighter than 90% of U.S.A court making it more visible on the court.

Grand slam green with wheels
Cool gray Balls Storage

Cool Gray just like it name suggests Cool Gray is a “cool” light gray color that is a mixture of black, white and a hint of blue. This steady, mix makes the color easy to spot on the court and compatible with outdoor living.

Open Blue if having a smooth neutral color is important Open Blue is a good fit. Open blue is reminiscent of many beautiful things like clear blue water of the Caribbean Sea, a royal sapphire ring, and of course the blue court of the US Open with just few shades lighter.

Ocean Blue Pod with Wheels
Our pods can be designed with your own custom color. To make it as simple of as possible you can use the color selection below choose a color palette and contact us so we can get you, your custom color pod.