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As an avid tennis player, Dr. Anand and his children routinely played on the patio and make-shift courts. Later on, Anand and his kids progressed in their tennis journey.  They realized that at the non-professional recreational level there were no tennis pods or caddy’s to organize tennis equipment including simply hanging tennis towels.  During a late-night match, Anand was tossing his towels down on filthy dirt clay courts.  After losing that match, he was frustrated and could not sleep all night.  At that moment he realized the unsanitary and medieval act of throwing towels on the ground.  The Anand’s also recognized that high school and college tennis athletes were subjected to the same fate, even on national television.

The Anand Sports pods have rescued the recreational player from chaos and disorganization.  Now you can store your tennis gear, towels, handbags, beverages, phones, tennis balls, and much much more.